Church Employment Articles

  • 5 Lies I Believed about Faith and Work

    by Kevin Halloran
    Ever since I turned fifteen and could get a worker’s permit for a summer job at a pool concession stand, I have loved to work. My work history includes time delivering mail, as a garbage collector on my college campus, in marketing sound systems, and now as a missionary with an organization training pastors in expository preaching. Even though I had wonderful Christian parents who taught me the value of working hard, I didn’t always ...   Read More
  • “What Do You Do?” The Greater Purpose of Our Work

    by Liz Wann
    I love getting things done. I feel accomplished checking off boxes on my to-do list. I’m satisfied with finishing even small tasks, like washing a few dishes in the sink. There’s something gratifying about laying my head on my pillow, knowing it was a productive day.   Our ideas of a productive day might be different, but it’s undeniable that we, as a culture, love seeing results for our work. We like the politician who promises ...   Read More
  • 4 Things I Got Wrong about My God-Given Purpose

    by Heather Caliri
    My old friend Pedro leaned against my kitchen counter, drink in hand, and asked me a question I knew I should be able to answer. “How is God using you these days, Heather?” I stared at him, a sudden knot in my throat. I did not know. I’ve always been a doer, an achiever, a planner. But having kids had made it harder to serve, and pursuing new ways to ‘use my gifts’ exhausted me. In my twenties, I had assumed the ...   Read More
  • Why There’s Nothing Wrong with Ambition

    by Clay Scroggins
    Knowing how to handle ambition as a Jesus-followers is tricky. I’ve heard some leaders say that it’s wrong to follow your ambitions, while others have said we need to be more ambitious.  I’ve seen ambition destroy leaders, and I’ve seen it motivate leaders to do the seemingly impossible. This diversity of views on this topic complicates what Christians think when we feel the hunger of ambition in our hearts. In its purest ...   Read More
  • What You Need to Know about the Dangers of Success

    by Timothy Keller
    In Judges 7, under Gideon’s leadership, God gives his people a victory over the occupying Midianites with an army of 300 men, none of whom end up actually fighting. God does it this way to show his people that he is the rescuer; God’s people don’t rescue themselves. But Gideon soon forgets “the lesson of the 300.” When in the next chapter two towns—Succoth and Peniel—refuse to support him as he pursues the ...   Read More
  • 4 Tips for a Better Church Job Search

    by Sarah Hogan, Vanderbloemen Search Group
    Even in a vocation like ministry (which is more of a calling than mere employment), the job search can be frustrating, confusing, and exhausting. I’ve not only personally experienced how soul-draining it can be to send out hundreds of resumes, seemingly into the void, but I’ve also encountered many pastors going through the same, sometimes-defeating process. Along the way, I’ve learned a few things that would have made my own job ...   Read More
  • How Christians Should Measure Success

    by Jesus' Economy
    Our gods call to us. They demand comparisons to other people. They say we aren’t good enough. And tell us we don’t have enough. These gods are our screens: our TVs, our computers, and our phones. Deep rooted in the American psyche is a struggle of the ego. We look inward and find ourselves wanting. And then we respond outwardly with arrogance, self-depreciation, or self-deprivation. If we’re honest with ourselves, most of us spend ...   Read More
  • 3 Ways to Finance God’s Call on Your Life

    by John D. Barry
    It takes zero dollars to talk with someone about Jesus. It’s possible to be a missionary right where you’re at. And together, we can also engage the global issues of bringing the gospel to the unreached. Paul the apostle set the example. “For you remember, brothers, our labor and toil: we worked night and day, that we might not be a burden to any of you, while we proclaimed to you the gospel of God. You are witnesses, and God also, ...   Read More
  • Do You Have a Joseph Calling on Your Life?

    by Os Hillman
    When we think of Joseph, we often think of the adversity he went through to achieve his ultimate destiny. He had a unique marketplace call upon his life that was earmarked by extraordinary adversity, which, in turn, was used to save a nation from starvation and usher him into his eighty-one-year assignment to be second in command in Egypt. He was betrayed by his brothers and wrongfully accused of raping Potiphar’s wife, causing him to be thrown ...   Read More
  • You Have a Joseph Calling on Your Life

    by Os Hillman
    Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. —Edmund Burke, Speech on Mr. Fox’s East India Bill1 In 1994 I was married, had built a successful ad agency for twelve years in Atlanta, and had enough money in the bank to retire comfortably. I led Bible studies, gave away money to Christian causes, and thought I was a model Christian business leader. However, I was struggling in my marriage of ...   Read More